Tuesday, November 17, 2009

California or Bust

We are now in California! Yesterday we made it safely over the Siskiyous just ahead of the upcoming storms. We had to make a fast dash, as yesterday was forecast to be the last dry day, meaning no snow, for some time to come. We left the Salem area early in the morning, repacked the Holiday Rambler in Elkton, and sped down I-5 and over the Siskiyous, arriving in the late afternoon at the Yreka RV Park as shown here, where we were happy to pay $38.50 for the night. Phew! Over the first hurdle on our southward migration for the winter.


  1. congratulations on getting free and over the pass!

  2. I love the drive south on I-5. I remember the first time I drove it and saw Mount Shasta! Spectacular!