Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lemons to Lemonade

Mark & Jeanette at Todd Lake Trailhead.---- Last night while camped at Elk Lake in our new motor home our refrigerator went on the fritz and refused to stay running. I got up half a dozen times during the night to restart it, and came to the conclusion we would have to abort our plans for hiking and drive into Bend to have it repaired. In the early morning we pulled up stakes and drove the motor home to Jerry’s RV Repair. We left it for the day and called my brother Mark to see if we could hang out with him. We were sitting around in his living room, kind at lose ends, when he said, “hey we could still go hiking”. A short discussion followed of ideas where to go, It took me a few minutes to shift gears from worrying about the motor home to consider having some fun for the day. Eventually Marks enthusiasm won out, he packed us up some lunches, and soon we were piled into his car and headed for Todd Lake.

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