Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Central Oregon

Those who know their geography will recognize the photo as the Three Sisters from the Eastside. This was taken this morning with the poor sisters devoid of their usual covering of snow. Yesterday we left the Willamette Valley and climbed up over the Santiam Pass to spend a week in the Central Cascades. We spent the night parked in the driveway of friends Dan and Charlene in Tollgate. Today we traveled on through Bend, up past Mt Bachelor on Century Drive and past Sparks Lake, Devils Lake, and Elk Lake. This afternoon I am posting from our campsite in Little Fawn Campground on the Eastside of Elk Lake. Amazing that we have Verizon service here! Tomorrow, Wednesday, the plan is to hike the Six Lakes Trail to Blow and Doris Lakes. My brother Mark, and our friend Dan will be joining us. By Friday we will move our set on to Diamond Lake.

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