Saturday, April 13, 2019

Day Four - Birding The Dalles

Yesterday we decided to stay put in The Dalles, enjoy the best weather of the week, and bird the Riverfront Trail of The Dalles.  I picked the section at Chenoweth Creek, and we walked almost three and a half miles, taking the trail north in the morning as far as Taylor Lake, and then a section south after lunch.  Lunch was hot dogs grilled on the George Forman gill, oh the joy's of solar and lithium that provide electricity for all our needs. Osprey provided most of the entertainment in the bird world.

A pair of Osprey where busy laying claim to a nest site and fending off a loaner bird who kept circling the area.  This is the female coming in for a landing.

This is the male, possibly a young one, his chest pure white as the driven snow.

 This female caught her own fish, a little unusual in that the male usually would be bringing her a fish. The fish looks to be a Rainbow Trout, which I would speculate is a planter for fishermen from near-by Taylor Lake.

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  1. Great photos! Looks like a perfect day. Thanks for sharing the Osprey narrative.