Friday, August 5, 2016

A Day on Marys Peak

We spent the day hiking and birding on Marys Peak yesterday.  Jeanette and I both carry small hand clippers with us which came in handy while hiking the Meadow Edge Trail from the campground.  We actually enjoy helping out a little to make trails better. Unfortunately I have to report that the campground and trails all show a staggering amount of neglect on the part of the Siuslaw National Forest.  Blow downs forced us to abandon hiking on the Summit Trail. Signage is almost non-existent. The campground looks like a war zone.  And why would you chose to log in a campground?  ---- but I digress, we came to escape the heat of the Willamette Valley, and it was a perfect plan.  It got as warm as 72, while the valley hit 92. We hiked and birded, had lunch, I worked on bird lists and photos and took a nap, then we hiked and birded some more.  Because we had the van we stayed on the upper parking lot and had dinner, all the comforts of home. Below are a sampling of the wild flowers we enjoyed.  It's the first time in years that I took more flower photos than bird photos.

Inside-Out Flower

Cooley's Hedge-Nettle

Yellow Violet

Red Columbine

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