Saturday, August 15, 2015

Two Guys Stole My Heart Today

I left for duty this morning feeling kind of low. We are on the downward side of the nesting season, all of the nests have now hatched and there seems little reason for me to make a big effort to keep people out of the nesting areas. When I arrived at my location, I walked down the beach alone in my thoughts.  Then I heard a plaintive call I did not recognize, but looking I found this concerned male Snowy Plover, and a short distance away the target of his call, a young chick.  The chick eventually scurried out of harms way.  As I turned north to retrace my steps the dad began heading north too, trying to lure me away from the area of the chick.  I realized there is still a valuable service to provide in keeping beach goers out of the greater area until the chicks are able to fly and be on their own.

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  1. Additional Information: I learned from one of the Nest Monitors that this chick, who was hatched on the south side of the Siltcoos River, actually swam across the Siltcoos River to the north side where I saw it. It has about a week yet before it fledges, which means can fly.