Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Common but Rare

This is a female Common Goldeneye I photographed on Sunday’s hike to Pamelia Lake. Notice the large dark bill and sloping forehead. It took a lot of checking on my part to come to that conclusion because in Linn County the most common or usual goldeneye would be the Barrow’s Goldeneye, and this bird, the Common Goldeneye is ironically considered “rare”.

It’s taken me several days to recover from Sunday’s hike to Pamelia Lake.  I’m not actually talking about physical recovery, but office time recovery.  It takes me quite a bit of time to process the photos, identify birds and in this case also mushrooms, report bird observations to e-Bird, post on my blog and Trip Journal. I also spent considerable time looking at past records in Linn County on Golden-eye observations. Pretty soon my desk and office looks like a bomb went off with bird and mushroom guides scattered all over. Today it’s starting to look a little more cleaned up and in order, and I will be on to other projects soon.

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