Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Neskowin Birding

I selected the Neskowin area for this morning of birding.  We drove over to the coast the afternoon before, fleeing the heat of the valley, 91 degrees when we left Dallas, 67 degrees 44 miles later at Lincoln City. We took the motor home and spent the night in the free parking area of Chinook Winds Casino. In the morning it was just a short 10 mile hop over Cascade Head to Neskowin. 

We walked the beach south, wading Neskowin Creek. I had high hopes for some shore birds but we found only Crows and Western Gulls.  Defeated, we walked back to the motorhome. But deciding on a second effort, we walked through the quaint neighborhood and along the golf course.  Birding picked up considerably, adding thirteen more birds to our list. The strangest sight was this Tsunami Trail that led right through a national wildlife area with closed to the public signs on both sides of the trail.

We ended our morning with a list of 15 birds, four and a half miles of walking, and an appetite. So happens right across the street from the parking lot was the Hawk Creek Café, a perfect ending.

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