Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Return to Stahlman Point

This morning I made a return trip to Stahlman Point above Detroit Lake.  Last week John West and I went there on a Chemeketan Hike, today John & I took our wives & Buster there on a morning hike followed up with lunch at Rosie’s in Mill City. Again I left my binoculars at home in an effort to keep the focus on the hike not birding, and I also brought along my old lighter Panasonic Lumix camera, which might not have been the best idea because I’m now unfamiliar with its controls and the battery ran down on me.  However, I’m sharing three of the photos I did take. 

view of Piety Island and Detroit Lake

view up the Santiam Canyon to Mt Jefferson

Douglas Squirrel

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  1. I tell you, Jim, you and your entourage are all over the map; it's tough keeping up on your whereabouts. About a year ago, atop Stahlman Point, our group was lucky enough to view a Bald Eagle perched on a large snag down below us. I understand that these birds are fishing Detroit Lake to support their fish addiction. I have not heard of any specific nesting sites or reports of immature birds in the area. I suspect that they nest high in the slopes of the canyon away from the spying eyes of birders. Lee