Thursday, November 21, 2013

Improved Feeding Station

We had hung the previous owners’ bird feeder from the eve above the patio, but it has proven to be too close of a location to the patio which gets covered with sunflower seed shells.  I have wanted to get it mounted on a post further out in the yard, and today that was accomplished.  I would like to say that my brother-in-law Bill Dye helped me, but to be honest he actually did all the work.  With his post hole digger he dug the hole, put in an old fence post of his, mixed the concrete in his wheelbarrow and made sure the post was level.  One of the reasons we moved back to the Salem area was to be close to family, and it paid off big time today.  Now we will have a great feeding station to for our little song birds and based on Jeanette’s sighting of the Sharp-shinned Hawk again today, a good hunting spot for the hawk.  

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