Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bullock's Oriole

Today was our weekly Wednesday Bird Walk which turned out to be very interesting. The highlight was spotting and identifying this singing male Bullock’s Oriole. It took quite an effort on my part to persuade the group it was not a Western Tanager. We also spotted a pair of Western Kingbirds and figured out their nesting site.  Jeanette and I were so intrigued to learn more about the Oriole that we returned after lunch to observe and photograph.  We were very pleased to see both the male and female Bullock’s Oriole, and then we were further excited to discover their nest and observe her working on arranging the materials.  This is in the same tree that the Western Kingbird is building her nest. There seems to be a territorial dispute, the noise of which is probably the reason we found the male Oriole in the morning.  To add to the mix there is also a male and female Brewer’s Blackbird hanging out in the same tree. We will be having a great time watching this location in the coming days.  

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