Friday, April 12, 2013

Busy and Interesting Day

I took 65 photos today, and I’ve looked through them all trying to pick one that best shows off the day, and this one strikes me as kind of interesting.  It’s taken in Winchester Bay, and I’m struck by the fact that a Western Gull is sharing this piling with three Double-crested Cormorants. Usually I think I’ve seen Gulls together or Cormorants together, not Gulls and Cormorants.  If you look closely at the Cormorant in the left you can see he is flying his double crests, a sure sign of breeding season.

I’m setup tonight at Wild Mare Campground, North of Coos Bay. Bluebill Lake Campground is where I normally like to go, but it is still closed for the season. Even after a good walk this morning at Millicoma Marsh, Buster still wanted to go for a walk this afternoon so we walked over to Bluebill Lake and around and I got some good photos of this busy Hairy Woodpecker. He seems determined to make the Mrs happy. Hopefully third time is the charm.


  1. That is certainly an ambitious woodpecker! A few days ago, at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, we saw a gull and cormorants sitting together and thought it was strange. Maybe it's more common than we thought. Now if people could just get along as well as those birds do!!!

  2. Great photos! Sounds like a very productive birding day.