Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mr. Wood Duck

Jeanette, Buster, and I went birding this morning with the South Lane Birders at the Row River Nature Park, formerly called the East Regional Park, in Cottage Grove.  It was a good couple of hours of birding, identifying two dozen different species.  The best photo I took was of this male Wood Duck.  The significant thing here is that he is already sporting his bright breeding colors which he will wear until early summer.  Fall is that time of year when I have a tendency to look wistfully back at summer, but Mr. Wood Duck is a guy already looking forward towards the new season.


  1. What amazing colors. Great capture, Jim.

  2. So funny - at first I thought Wow, unreal! So beautiful! Then I noticed you called it a wood duck. Oh, i fell for your joke! I read your post very carefully and after googling it. I was even MORE amazed! What a city girl I must be! But this reminded me of another creature I just discovered last week, the painted grasshopper.