Sunday, April 22, 2012

Photo of the Day

This American Avocet in all his breeding glory turned out to be the photo of the day for yesterday.  Our friends Dan and Charlene Lawry drove down from Bend for the day and we did it all.  We birded one of the access roads in the morning with spotting scope and binoculars, identifying 31 species of birds.  We took a break for lunch at The Lodge at Summer Lake, which we highly recommend. After lunch Dan drove us on the auto tour route, during which we saw an uncountable number of birds, but where able to pick out 10 new species that we hadn’t seen yet. 
This morning we are ready to move on, and the plan is to drive south to the Goose Lake State Recreation Area where we will spend the night. On Monday we plan to drive to Collier Memorial State Park and spend a couple of nights before climbing back over the Cascades to Elkton on Wednesday.

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