Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exploring the North Spit

We did some exploring of the North Spit of Coos Bay yesterday looking for birds.  It was our first time here.  After driving the length of the road, we settled on hiking on the South Dike Road out to the beach. It was a little scarce on birds.  A small flock of 14 female Red-wing Blackbirds stumped us. Without the tell-tale red on the wing of a male it was confusing to identify what we were seeing.  At the beach we spotted two Mew Gulls, winter visitors to our coast and a new addition to my Life List. We later found the settling pond with hundreds of birds which I hope to come back and count on another day.  We also stopped at the boat launch where I took a photo of a Horned Grebe.  We are visiting the Coos Bay area for a few days, the main reason being to have the computer control box for our slide in the motor home replaced, which is happening today, hoping this solves the mysterious self-actuation problem.

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