Sunday, October 24, 2010

Almost Home

Today we attempted an escape to home in Elkton. The change in the weather to rain and snow prompted the park to close the Gift Shop.  This caused us to look a little closer at the weather forecast, concluding that today would be the best day to get over the Cascades before the upcoming snowstorms. This morning the road cam on Highway 138 near Diamond Lake showed no snow and a temp of 44 degrees.  By noon we were packed, unplugged, and pulling out of the campground. As we climbed the grade to Diamond Lake it started snowing, getting thicker and heavier by the minute, but all we could do was press on and get on down to lower elevations. We made it, and when we stopped for groceries in Roseburg I discovered a leaky valve stem on the right hand inner dual. Because it’s Sunday, Les Schwab is closed, so tonight we are parked in their parking lot here in Roseburg awaiting their morning opening.  It’s not a bad deal at all, we’re warm and cozy, had dinner and showers and are relaxing with computers and TV. When your home is on wheels I guess you’re always home.  

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