Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Uninvited Guest

Yesterday was our day off and we took off to visit the Achii Hanyo Native Fish Facility located south of Parker. It took some effort to find as there were no signs and the only road there is a three and a half mile graveled access road along an irrigation canal. Achii Hanyo is Navajo, meaning fish ponds, and that is what it is, a number of fish ponds run by the US Fish and Wildlife in cooperation with the Colorado River Indian Tribes to raise primarily Bonytail Chub an endangered species of the Colorado River. Mark Yost is the resident biologist and gave us a very informative tour of the facilities. After our tour we returned to the car to find that a cat had jumped through an open window of the car and made himself comfortable in the back seat, much to the chagrin of our dog Buster.