Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Our Summer Plan

This photo was taken yesterday afternoon along highway 101 at Seal Rock State Wayside, south of Newport, where we stopped to have some lunch and do some birding.  You can see our observation list here.

Having an RV enables us to roll with the weather and seek out the most comfortable temperatures. That's what is happening this week as we escape to the Oregon Coast for another respite from the heat in the Willamette Valley were we live.  Day time temperatures on the Oregon Coast right now are averaging thirty degrees cooler than the Willamette Valley.  That means when the temps at home are in the nineties, a mere 50-60 miles away on the coast the temps will be in the 60s. It's pretty easy to pick out a trail or beach to spend some time to walk and bird using the RV as our mobile base camp.  Need to use the restroom?  Want a snack or a meal? Tired, would like to rest or nap? We have it all.  Being completely self contained allows us the freedom of simply parking at a casino or Walmart for the night, camping in a state park or forest service campground, or the luxury of an RV park complete with cable TV and WiFi.  We tend to use a mix which gives us a nice variety. It is a plan that works well for us, and looks like we will continue to use it throughout this summer.

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