Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Depoe Bay City Park

I spend a lot of time on Google's satelite map looking at eBird Hot Spots and looking for new Hot Spots.  This past week I spotted a site in Depoe Bay City Park.  In all my years of traveling through Depoe Bay, I was totally unaware of a city park.  Yesterday it was on our agenda to stop and explore it's potenal for birding.  We were delighted to find this hidden gem, tucked away on the south-east corner of the harbor.
From a birding stand point the most significant feature of the park is the nature trail, which travels along the meanering stream through a deep coastal forest. The trail was an absolute delight and the thick understory was filled with bird song. You can check out our observation list here.  Click on the map below to enlarge the photo.  
We had the park and nature trail to ourselves in the morning, but while we were enjoying our lunch in our van, the parking lot filled with cars with people coming to walk their dogs, and kids to use the playground.  None appeared to venture up the nature trail.

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  1. You have to like that sign made out of a huge slab of rock. Lee