Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Collier Memorial State Park

After leaving Crane Prairie Reservoir, out next area of concentration was Collier Memorial State Park for a couple of days, June 24-25. We love this park from the many past visits for volunteering, and especially the birding.  Arriving at the campground mid-morning we decided it seemed too crowded and went to plan "B", which would be an overnight stay at the casino.  That decided it left us free to hike and bird the trails of the park.  

Parking the van in the vistor area of the campground we set off to hike the Williamson River Loop Trail.  It was great to hike old familiar trails and remember previous bird sighting.  Above is a phot of a Red-breasted Sapsucker with a nice bug, probably on it's way to feed some young ones. Click here for our observation list. For a shady lunch spot we drove over to the Spring Creek Day Uses area of Collier, and had lunch, rested walked some more and rested some more.


Driving on to KLA-MO-YA Casino, we found a shaded parking spot that was just perfect for the night.  After some relaxing time and some catch up time on the computer we had dinner in the casino. We had enough left over for a dinner the next day, so for sixteen dollars we had overnight camping and two meals--hard to beat the price.

The next morning we could think of no other place we would enjoy birding than Collier, so back to the park for a second round of birding focused on Spring Creek. A more beautiful location to bird is hard to imagine. Among the birds we enjoyed were this mother Common Merganser with twelve babies.

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