Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Busy Time For Swallows

 It's a busy time for the swallows at our place right now.  We have three nest boxes with young ones getting fed, so lots of activity with the parents coming and going.  These photos are of the nesting Violet-green Swallows in a nesting box in our front yard. The top photo is of the dad standing guard for the area.  In the lower photo the mom is just leaving the nest with a fecal sack from the babies.  She comes in with some kind of bug to feed them, and then once in a while when she leaves she takes a fecal sack out with her. The two nesting boxes in the back yard are a little further along, and both parents are involve in constant trips to the box with food.

1 comment:

  1. Jim, would you send some of those swallows my way; in the evening, when I am doing yardwork, I have pesky mosquitoes on my calves, stinging me with their bites. Lee