Saturday, June 4, 2016

Osprey Breakfast

Wanting to check out things at the Audubon Nature Reserve here in West Salem, and with the temperature expected to break 100 degrees today,  I decided to make it an early morning trip and arrived  before 7:00AM. At first all was quiet at the Osprey nest, no bird in sight.  After making a loop on some of the trails I heard some calling from an Osprey and made a short cut back to re-check the nest.  I could see one bird on the nest, probably the female, and as I was trying to get into position for a photo, the male flew in, I missed his photo by mere seconds.  This is not a good photo, but despite taking 20 shots, this is the best I have to offer. However, the story is the story, not the photo, or I should probably say my interpretation of what I saw is the story.  It appeared to me that they were both eating, and I watched them for almost ten minutes. My guess is that he flew in with a fresh fish, and then stayed as they shared breakfast together.  All in all I think our loving couple is doing quite well, and by the first of July we should see some chicks peering over the edge of the nest.  

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