Monday, June 13, 2016

Chapter 2 of What's for the Birds

Turns out that Pine Siskins like blueberries, who knew?  Last fall when we purchased a Quaking Aspen tree from Kordell's Produce & Nursery to add shade and perching spots for the birds, we also purchased some other plants.  In addition to six Kinnikinnick plants to be used for ground cover, Jeanette specifically wanted two blueberry bushes.  I think she had visions of fresh blueberries every morning to add to our granola. We have been keeping a close watch as the little green berries grew in size and started to turn color.  A day or so ago she announced to me that the birds were eating her blueberries! The question was which birds, I had not noticed any birds on the plants.  This morning that all changed when we discovered a mixed flock of Pine Siskins and House Finches feeding on the blueberries.  Not only is sitting still good for the birds, as I reported yesterday, planting blueberries is I guess also good for the birds.


  1. I hope you are fine by now...... and that the birds didn't get all your blueberries .....

  2. Thanks Elva, I think they are going to get them all. They seem to like to just take a bite or two out of each berry. We are pretty philosophical about it, we do try to make our backyard as bird friendly as possible, so it's not a total loss, and with time the bushes should get bigger and hopefully there will be enough to share with us.