Thursday, April 30, 2015

More To Birding Than Birds

When I was serious about fly fishing years ago I would often say that there is more to fishing than just fish.  I feel that way about birding now, there is much more to birding than just birds. One reason is  that it takes place in the great out of doors in some of the most scenic areas you will find.  And in that process of finding and identifying birds in these scenic places you will also cross paths with many other interesting forms of nature, all kinds of plants and animals.  Todays birding trip to the Rich Guadagno Memorial Loop Trail at Baskett Slough National Wildlife was a good reminder of many of the things I enjoy with birding.  A good hike with a good friend, green grass, rolling hills, winding paths under towing oaks and maples. Below are a sample of some of things we enjoyed today.

Bald Eagle

Mariposa Lily

Hairy Woodpecker

Black-tailed Deer