Sunday, April 12, 2015

Row River Nature Park

We spent the morning birding at Row River Nature Park in Cottage Grove.  It's been one of our favorites for a number of years, in fact over lunch in the RV, Jeanette and I had a discussion and we were hard pressed to come up with a location we enjoy any more than this one.  With paved trails winding a route past a good number ponds adjacent to the Row River, it is prime habitat for a large variety of birds as well as turtles and beaver. Below are a collection from this morning.

Spotted Towhee


Red-eared Slider

Northern Flicker

Canada Geese



  1. I saw you on the trail! It wasn't until we had passed each other a ways before I realized it was you. :) Where did you see the beaver?

  2. Colette, sorry we didn't connect. It would have been great to meet face to face. The beaver was in a small pond off the side trail just past the fishing pond. He slapped his tail about 8 times. My guess was he was trying to scare off turtles or geese. Sure made a lot of noise.