Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Osprey Follow-up & Other News

While birding with friend John West yesterday we stopped by Wallace Marine Park to check on the Osprey pair that I last wrote about.  It looks like they are determined to stick it out at the same location. (These images can be clicked on for a larger view)

 In the Other News category, John and I spent most of our time at Cascade Gateway Park in Salem where among other things I saw my first Canada Goose goslings of the year. They are being guided by mom and dad to the shoreline at Walter Wirth Pond.  I guess because the geese share this pond with a good number of fishermen on a daily basis they were quite comfortable coming ashore right in front of us.


  1. Did you watch the Osprey nest building on OPB last night?

  2. I tried, disappointedly I fell asleep, and on such an interesting program.