Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Waterfall Canyon Hike

Waterfall Canyon Traihead

Yesterday we moved from Surprise to Sun City to be able to visit with my brother Mark and wife Holly, and my sister Kathy and husband Gary, and visiting friends Larry & Peggy Anderson. We are parked curbside in the street, which is supposed to be legal for 72 hours. In the afternoon Mark & Holly took us for a picnic and hike in the White Tank Mountains. There are lots of trails to hike in this regional park, but for my introductory hike Mark suggestion the Water Fall Canyon Hike. Every one else hiked this trail last year, and were sure I would like this one and they were right.  I got a short but interesting list of birds, two or which were Lifers for me, Arizona Towhee, and Curve-billed  Thrasher. After the hike we checked out the campground, which we now have our eye on for our next stop.   

Spring at the end of the Water Fall Canyon Trail

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