Saturday, January 17, 2015

Birding at Lake Havasu State Park

The photo shows Jeanette and our friend John West at the cactus garden during our morning of birding.  We had a fantastic time birding on the Sunset Trail with a great list of 32 different species. We met John here at the cactus garden two years ago through birding and we have kept in contact and enjoyed birding and hiking together not only in Arizona but also this past summer in Oregon.  We are having a couple of great days here at Lake Havasu. The park is overflowing with a Volkswagon event called Busses by the Bridge as well as the Ballon Fest going on in the city. The park staff has been very gracious to allow us to use an empty host site. Its been a great lay-over day with no driving and an opportunity to hike the familiar trails and check out the birds with our good friend John.

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  1. Thanks for the nice day of birding and visiting! See you in Oregon soon :)