Monday, January 19, 2015

Birding at Surprise Community Park

We are spending two nights at Jeanette's sister Patty's house in Surprise Arizona, and took advantage of the opportunity to bird at their city park this morning. The park is a huge complex for a great variety of sports, but I was particularly drawn to the pond area which sees a lot of use from walkers, dog lovers, and anglers.    

We made a couple of laps around the pond and came up with a bird list.  There were lots of birds, however not a huge variety. One species that I would not have expected to find was the Greater White-fronted Goose as shown below. 

Plus there was this Rock Pigeon that from the look in his eye might have had an attitude problem.


  1. Thank you for pointing out the Greater White fronted goose! We never would've spotted them with out your well trained eye. It has been an honor to have the Scott's visit our humble little 'RV' park. We look forward to your next visit.

  2. Horrors, Is that person really feeding the geese? Few people understand the damage their bread scraps do to geese and ducks.