Sunday, January 4, 2015

Anderson River Park

Temperatures are slowly warming up for us as we travel south. We stopped yesterday afternoon on our way to Red Bluff at Anderson River Park where the temps were pleasantly in the fifties.  This city park for the town of Anderson is located on a bend of the Sacramento River.  Although we have driven through Anderson more times than I would venture to count, I only recently read about this birding site in a new book, “Freeway Birding – San Francisco to Seattle” by Harry Fuller. The number of birds we found at this eBird Hot Spot overwhelmed us. Jeanette could hardly write fast enough in making our bird list, which in an hour totaled 28 species. 

Acorn Woodpeckers were so numerous and noisy that they could easily be considered pests.

The most striking birds we found were six Mute Swans, an introduced species from Europe, and not considered a valid species in Oregon, however in California the numbers are evidently large enough to be allowable.  The addition of this swan to my Life List brings it to 280 species.