Friday, June 29, 2012

Travels with Buster - Final Chapter

Buster and I had a wonderful day of travel yesterday, checking out Moore Park in Klamath Falls and the Klamath State Wildlife Area just south of Klamath Falls.  At the last minute I jettisoned my plan to park at Wal-Mart for the night and instead chose to try out Tingley Lake Estate & RV Park.  I had read about another birder spending some time here. This turned out to be very fortuitous decision on my part, it is an unbelievable oasis, and just as I was setting up I got a call from Jeanette saying that she was getting set to leave Chico and drive my way. Buster was extremely happy to see his mom again, and so my solo travels with Buster have come to an end.  

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