Thursday, June 28, 2012

Travels with Buster - Chapter 4

This chapter could be called “Breakfast with a View”. To understand how significant a stop it was I must back up to explain where we stayed last night.  We had had a great morning yesterday, with a hike on the North Fork Little Butte Creek, and then a second hike and lunch at Great Meadow with a fabulous view of Mt McLoughlin across the meadow.  I thought I should just stay up there in the Cascades, so went in search of a campsite at Lake of the Woods. That is where things started to deteriorate, the campgrounds where buried deep in the trees, the sites were small and dirty, and although empty, most seemed to be reserved. (This is what happens when ownership turns registration over to a reservation company – empty sites) Well, not a problem, back to my original plan to camp at Odessa Campground, a small campground with no charge on a marsh of Klamath Lake.  It turned out to be buried deep in the brush with very poor sites, and angry stares and barking dogs from the one inhabited site.  Strains of “Deliverance” rang in my ears, even Buster was intimidated. At the break of day we were out of there and down the road to this parking lot on Wocus Bay, with bright morning sunshine, a fantastic view across the lake, the chorus of serenading Western Grebes, and breakfast!   Life is sweet.

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  1. Waiting for more in the colorful Buster series.... but maybe when the rest of the trio returns ;)