Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Travels with Buster - Chapter 2

As I remember, Steinbeck always thought of his dog Charlie as being very noble in breed and character.  I’ve never looked at Buster in these terms, words like impulsive and impatient would be more appropriate, which were the very characteristics that were displayed when I pulled into our campsite at Fish Lake yesterday afternoon.  He could not wait to get out the door.  Wisely I had selected a site next to the trail, and lucky for me the site was so level there was no need to fiddle with leveling the RV.  It was just a matter of grabbing my shoulder bag and we were out the door and Buster was immediately engaged in marking his territory and exploring the trail.  We spent an hour checking out the campgrounds and lake-side trails.  I will have to say that Buster was on his best behavior and did not even bark and this little fisherman we came upon.

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