Thursday, June 14, 2012

Black-backed Woodpecker

Never hear of a Black-backed Woodpecker?  Don’t feel bad, neither had we until yesterday when our boss, Ranger Joel mention the nesting Black-backs in the campground.  We were ignorant enough to assume that he had misspoken and meant to say Ladder-back Woodpecker.  Well, we got an education.  We found the nest and did some reading and learned about three-toed woodpeckers, of which the Black-backed belong. Look closely at this photo of a feeding female and you can see the baby’s mouth inside the nest. It also looks like the mother has a lot of yellow pine pollen on her which is thick in the air and cover everything right now here at Collier Memorial State Park.


  1. I LOVE the educational things I learn from you...but I also wish I was where you are (where ever you may be at the time)
    Thank you for the education!

  2. Wish you could be where ever we are too. Hopefully some day it will happen.

  3. Really enjoyed meeting you and Jeanette and it made it even better that we both got a new bird for our life list while we were there at Collier State Park. Happy travels!