Monday, June 11, 2012

Juanita Lake

This is a photo of lovely Juanita Lake, located off of Highway 97 between Weed California and Klamath Falls Oregon in the Klamath National Forest.  Despite its beauty and a wonderful campground with 22 paved sites, it seems to be almost unknown.  As it turns out our GPS sure doesn’t have any idea where it is. I was unable to bring it up by name or locate it on the GPS map.  I had originally found out about Juanita Lake from a birding site, so I went back to that site, which luckily for me had the coordinates listed for the lake. I put the coordinates in the GPS and off we went.  The complete story is way too long to tell here, but the GPS made numerous attempts to misdirect us.  Finally a California State Trooper (Jeanette says handsome), helped us and we made it here yesterday afternoon. We have enjoyed the lake and campground so much, we will be back here sometime for sure.   


  1. So Jim, give me a hint. What state in this lake in? What nearby place is it near so I can find it on a map. I'm always interested in campgrounds that have few visitors.


  2. Bill, this is in California. You can click on the highlighted link of Juanita Lake for more info, but it is south of Doris, California in the Klamath National Forest, just to the south of Meiss Lake. It's about 7 miles off of Hwy 97. Very clean campground.

  3. I grew up in Klamath Falls, and never knew this lake was even there! Thanks for sharing a beautiful spot.