Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby Phoebe

I took this photo of this juvenile Black Phoebe while birding this morning at Horseshoe Lake in Bidwell Park.  Juveniles have a lot of brown in their coloring and lack the dark black plumage of an adult, and notice the wide light colored “chick” bill. There were actually two juveniles with an adult who seemed to be trying to show them how a Phoebe should act as in flying to a perch and then capturing a bug.


  1. i see you worked at Collier SP - we arrive there tomorrow for five days - what would you recommend we do there?

  2. Hey, good to hear. We are arriving ourselves on Monday! We will be there for a week helping out with the "Living History Days" held on Saturday. What I would recommend---be sure and stop at the Gift Shop. I would also recommend spending a lot of time looking through the logging equipment. I'm not sure where your interests lie, but there are great trails to hike, even up to the next campground, Williamson River CG. There are some huge trout to be caught in the Williamson River, and smaller trout can be caught and kept in Spring Creek, which is a must to hike along. A variety of birds can be seen, including some that are only to be seen on the East side of the Cascades, like the Mountain Chickadee. Let's be sure and try to connect while we are there. I think we will be staying up in the shop area, but you could always let us know your site number by leavig a message at the Gift Shop or the office.