Thursday, September 10, 2015

Perhaps One of the Last?

We heard this Osprey this morning, and later found it and photographed it.  From it's plumage I would say it's a juvenile female.  It's possible one of the last ones around of this season, with most of the Ospreys having left for points south for the winter.  We did not see or hear any the last two days when birding at Darrow Bar, and John West has not seen one at the nest site at Salem Audubon Nature Reserve since last week on the 2nd. This one was found along the Willamette River at the Weatland Boat Ramp in Willamette Mission State Park.  This was our first time to bird the Weatland Boat Ramp and where so impressed I have suggested to eBird that it be classed as a Hot Spot.  You can look at our bird list for the morning here.  


  1. Nice catch for 1 hour, 5 minutes!

  2. what a great summer of activities..thanks for sharing it all!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, glad to know that you have been keeping track of us.

    2. yes..I travel vicariously..through you guys! and love every day exploring. One day we will meet up and join you for a walk. Whale watching season is approaching also. Stephanie