Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Hiding Place

On our way back from Central Oregon yesterday we stopped at Lyons City Park for a break and a bird walk.  Jeanette spotted this Green Heron fly by and drop deep into the grass to hide from us as Green Herons are prone to do. This  park centers around a former mill site and log pond that today offers hiding spots for a number of critters.

Perhaps the ugliest Great Blue Heron I have ever photographed---this young bird is using the series of ponds to grow up, changing it's juvenile plumage to the adult.

A male Merlin, has stopped at the park on his very early migration from the north.

Even Black-tailed Deer enjoy hiding out in the park.  This young one was one of a group of four.

Lyons City Park is an amazing birding and wildlife location.  We first discovered it for ourselves in December of 2013. You can read the Trip Journal from that day here.  I was so impressed with the location that I suggested it as a birding Hot Spot for eBird.org.  Now almost three years later, Jeanette and I are still the only ones reporting to eBird our observations, it appears to be well hidden from the birding world.

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  1. Wow! That place is a treasure. I great photos as always. I still have not witnessed a Green heron in real life. Thank you for sharing.