Thursday, February 26, 2015

The First Blossoms of Spring

Yesterday was my first volunteer day back at Salem Audubon Nature Reserve.  In addition to some other chores I took time to take some photos.  The Reserve has a good population of native Indian Plum and it's bright white blossoms were the first to catch my attention.

The next blossoms I noticed were the violets.  After some research I believe they are English Violets, an alien not native, however their beautiful cover on the ground give evidence of spring.

A plant that I was the most excited to find was the Giant Trillium just getting ready to blossom.

And I almost overlooked a plant that's easy to take for granted our native Oregon Grape.


  1. Beautiful! Especially on a grey day. I always enjoy seeing the Oemleria sparkling through the trees.

  2. So relieved and delighted to see the T sessile … such a gorgeous plant. The violets are probably a leftover from when there was a green house here.