Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring Has Come To Lake Solano

On our way south this winter we stopped to camp at Lake Solano County Park near Winters California. We found it to be a perfect location to camp and bird. We stopped again last night, and now over a month has past and there is a feeling of Spring in the air.  Peacocks strut their stuff through out the campground. Male Common Mergansers are with the females. I also spotted this Mallard pair splashing a lot, and by the time I got my camera focused he was already on top "doing the deed".  If you look closely you can see he has her by the nap of the neck, you may be able to see her eye barely out of the water. As I watched all kinds of bird behavior going on today, I kept reflecting on a TV program that we watched last night with Morgan Freeman on Shakespeare's play The Taming of The Shew. It was easy to read into the bird behavior all the dynamics in the male and female counter parts.
 the happy couple moments later

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