Friday, February 6, 2015

Escaping the Heat

I strikes me as a little strange to be hiding out in the mountains in the winter to escape the heat, but here we are tucked into a shady camping site at William Heise County Park at 4200 ft.  Our temperature today is a comfortable 70 degrees. This park is in our comfort zone in so many ways.  We enjoy temperatures in the 60 and 70s, but beyond that we like a quiet campground which this indeed is.  We also like vegetation, and birds, and trails, which this park has in abundance.  We got in a nice hike this morning on the Fern Trail.  It was three miles, but had a number of climbs up and down to the point we felt like we had a good work out.  My bird list was rather small at 16 species, but that included 32 Acorn Woodpeckers. At 1,000 acres this San Diego County park has enough to keep us occupied for a while as we wait for the temps to cool down a bit at the lower elevations.

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