Saturday, February 7, 2015

Summit Perspective

We hiked the Desert View Trail here in William Heise Park this morning up to Glen's View. From the top we were supposed to be able to see down to the Salton Sea in the Imperial Valley to the east, and to the west San Diego and the Pacific Ocean.  Both directions were covered in a layer of fog so not visible. It was a great hike never the less, in fact one of the best hikes we have taken this winter, and we have been on some good ones. It was cool when we left camp this morning some time after seven, so a brisk pace was in order. Our concentration was on hiking not birding, but we couldn't help but hear and enjoy the delightful song the the Wrentit, the varied melody of the Bewick's Wren, and the simple note of the Phainopepla. Ravens swooped by catching updrafts, Red-tail Hawks held steady looking for prey. But still we pressed on to the summit. There is something about the exertion of hiking and achieving summits that renews my spirit. In a way I'm psychologically as well as physically escaping and climbing above the morass of the daily cares of life. From the summit I get a different perspective on the life that goes on below and of its problems. I always descend the trail renewed with a new sense of calm and confidence.

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