Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Vermillion Flycatcher

One of the most sought after sightings at Buckskin Mountain State Park is the male Vermillion Flycatcher as shown in this photo taken this morning during my guided Bird Walk. Visitors love to report seeing this flamboyant little bird.  This area is at the northern end of the Vermillion’s range so most people have not seen this bird “back home”.  We currently have a pair here in the park that are still operating in separate areas.  The male can be seen on the east side of the Buckskin Store, the female is always on the west side of the store.  I’m sure during the next couple of months they will get together and my bet is that he will be found on the west side of the store showing off his brilliant colors. By that time the red color of the breast and abdomen will more closely match the bright color of his crown. Below is a photo of the female.



  1. What a beautiful description of the difference in colors between the breast and crest. If you hadn't noted it, I wouldn't have seen it. Another bang up job, Jim.

  2. Thanks Larry, always nice to know that my work is appreciated.