Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Camera

Actually it’s not just a new camera; it’s my new iPod Touch which has a built in camera. I have been using a first generation iPod Touch for a number of years. I use it for everything, I read my e-mail, use Facebook, read the news, and surf the net. I also take it with me birding because it has four birding apps loaded, plus I have loaded a number of bird photos that I use to help people on my bird walks with identification.   It is however beginning to show some wear; it has taken a number of spills with the last one resulting in a cracked screen after hitting a rock. I guess I used this latest accident as a justification to get a new fifth generation iPod Touch, which along with a number of new features has a camera. This morning on our routine morning hike up the Lighting Bolt Trail I snapped this photo.  I think I’m going to find it real handy to always have in my pocket and not have to lugging a full sized camera around.  At this early point I am real impressed with the quality of the photos.  I also took a photo of some Ringtail scat, which blew me away with its clarity and detail, but I thought it would be more appropriate to show a picture of Jeanette and the trail sign.



  1. I will always defer to your good judgement, Jim, but since you have often said of me that I don't know s*&t, I think I'd like to see the picture of the scat JUST to make sure I STILL don't know s*&t! ;-)

  2. I'm jealous. I'm been considering the Ipod Touch or Nexus 7 or keep the cash!

    your little Bro