Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lighthouses of Lake Havasu

It was cool and cloudy today but we still went out late morning to explore more of Lake Havasu State Park.  There are a number of small lighthouses that decorate various points of Lake Havasu with their interesting architecture. They are actually navigational lights that do serve a purpose in guiding vessels at night. This one at the north end of our park is a replica of the Cape Hatteras Light House.  Here is what I learned.
“The Cape Hatteras Light, at 193' is the tallest brick lighthouse in the U.S. and is located in Buxton, North Carolina. In approximately 1851 this light was raised from its original height of 95' to 150' to provide better visibility. After the Civil War, it was rebuilt to 193' and closer to the water, again to improve visibility. The tower received a new first-order Fresnel lens and put into operation in 1871. Because of beach erosion, the Cape Hatteras Light has been moved to safety and now sits at its original distance to the water. Our replica of this light is 30' tall and is the tallest on Lake Havasu”


  1. I am green with envy. This year I will not be there and it makes me so sad. The VW gathering is mid-January and I hope you'll go check them out. Approx. 250-300 VW buses of all models from all over the country gather therein the sunshine. The banner "WetWesties" belongs to my group, feel free to introduce yourself to them. It was after this gathering that I stopped by your RV at Buckskin several years ago. Also several years ago in the middle of the night some party people came roaring up the lake, heading for the lagoon that goes inland. They ended up on the sandy beach many feet away from the lagoon. Gave all campers much to talk about and look at. Ah, those were the days!!! Take care, be safe, enjoy each day. Bev Beam from Sherwood Oregon

  2. Bev, so good to hear from you. We will look for your WetWesties for sure. I don't know if any of the VW gathering know, but the campground (Windsor 3) is going to be closed starting on the 8th of January to install water and electricity in the camp sites. I assume most of the people camped in the Windsor 4 area which will still be open I believe. They are also preparing Windsor 1 parking lot for camping.