Thursday, December 27, 2012

Moved to Lake Havasu

Yesterday morning we unhooked our motor home from our site in Buckskin Mountain State Park and drove 35 miles north on Highway 95 to Lake Havasu State Park.  Moving is always an experience filled with mixed emotions. There is sadness leaving a park where you have made good friends among fellow volunteers and campers, mixed with feelings of excitement about a new location and new experiences. Added to the mix is some nervous anxiety about the unknown, like how will the new site work out. After getting set up here and spending the night, I can report it feels very good.  We have an unusual set-up here in that we are located between a couple of FEMA trailers in the ranger residence area instead of the campground. Last night was quiet; in fact it felt as though we were on vacation.  Living in campgrounds is sort of akin to living in a fish bowl, in a way you are on duty 24 hours a day.  Another thing that is going to be quite different for us is the proximity to all the services of a city; Lake Havasu State Park is located within the boundaries of Lake Havasu City, so shopping and all will be at a new level of convenience. Bottom line is we think we will be very happy here for the next two months.   

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