Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sunshine & Warmth

Here we are set up in our campsite in Sycamore GroveCampground in Red Bluff.  It was 75 degrees when we got here at Three o’clock this afternoon.   After seeing 29 degrees this morning when we drove through Grants Pass, we have been having a little temperature adjustment. Our long sleeve fleece came off soon after crossing in to California, and I think t-shirts are going to be the rule here for the next few days.  This campground has 30 sites and we had our choice of any site, save one where a family is camped.  After getting set up, the first thing on our agenda was to check out the Great Horned Owl nest that we found when we were here last month. We found the nest and the female is still sitting.  I’ll have more information and photos in the coming days. I think we are set for a good time. Message to Joan --- we even took a short bike ride which was pain free for Jeanette!

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