Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mr Complainer

I took this Red-shouldered Hawk photo from inside the motorhome this morning here in Sycamore Grove Campground.  I seem to have worn myself out birding the last three days. This is such a large park and I have tried to cover it all, plus it is very windy here today, so bear in mind I’m not complaining, but staying inside seemed like the most logical idea.
We always enjoy seeing the Red-shouldered Hawks every time we are here. They are very colorful, and they are very noisy, with such a harsh call that it sounds very much like they are complaining, and they seem to do this a great deal.  While resting up today and contemplating the bird scene, I realized they probably do have something to complain about this year.  My understanding is that the Great Horned Owls are using the Red-shouldered nest from last year.  A few weeks ago when Dan and I first found the owls nest out on the north end of the park it was just a short way from  where we had seen the Red-shouldered Hawks that morning, the Mr. was noisily attempting to build a new nest.  The day before yesterday, I saw them there again still complaining. Now today I noticed he seems to have an issue with a pair of White-tailed Kites here at the edge of the campground who look to be setting up housekeeping, and my best guess is that the Red-shouldered Hawk is complaining due to the proximity to another nest they have used in the past. He seems to be doing more than just complaining this time as I have watched him several times today giving chase to the Kites.


  1. He's a beauty! Nice to be able to take advantage & do some birding via the RV windows:)

  2. He's a beauty! Nice to be able to take advantage & do some birding via the RV windows:)

  3. ..Red-shouldered hawks...kites...all I am missing in my little world is the owls - I better go out looking again! (I may have to get coordinates of the nests & drive up on my next day off on Tuesday.)
    I am glad you are both enjoying your time there...

  4. MM - we could arrange to be back here on Tuesday if we knew you were going to come up. Just let us know, it would be great fun!