Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jackson-Frazier Wetland

Today while traveling from Elkton to Dallas, the sun came out in the Corvallis area so we stopped for some birding at the Jackson-FrazierWetland.  This is getting to be a favorite of ours in our many travels to Dallas to visit family. The extensive Bob Frenkel Board Walk makes this an ideal birding spot year around with no worries about wet and muddy paths. I think it works out good for the birds too, because it keeps people at a safe distance. In an hour of birding we identified 13 species.  Perhaps the most unique was one we did not see, but only heard, the Virginia Rail. These are very difficult birds to see, but thanks to our iBird app we could determine it was a male. We ended up hearing the call in two different locations, so we know there are at least two males out there possibly staking out their territory or doing their best to attract some females.   

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