Thursday, March 1, 2012

Orange Bush Monkeyflower

Rain and snow the last two days have forced me to spend more time than I like indoors.  This morning while looking through photos of our recent trip to California, I again pondered the identification of a flower photo I took. It was one of three wildflowers we found blooming on our hike of the Eagle Rock Trail in El Chorro Region Park near San Luis Obispo. I have searched flower guides several times and each time I have come up with a zero.  But today, for some reason I noticed a book I had not looked in, the North American Wildflowers Western Region. Conveniently it is sorted by color and consequently it was easy to spot the Orange Bush Monkeyflower! My day is now a little brighter.


  1. Its looks like spring, somthing we can soon look forward to I hope.

  2. Yes, Dan we can't wait any longer, we are headed back to Red Bluff and warmth tomorrow.